Invoice Number Settings


Under the Administration menu you can find the Invoice Settings sub-menu. Within this sub-menu you have access to three sub categories: Invoice Number Settings, Environment Invoice Templates, and Customer Invoice Templates.

Invoice Number Settings

When an invoice is approved, CloudBilling automatically assigns an invoice number to the invoice. This invoice number can be configured to follow a specific format. This format can be applied to all customers or a specific customer cluster. When you click on Invoice Number Settings in the submenu a new screen will appear. In this screen you can find all currently configured invoice numbers. When no invoice numbers have been configured the list will be empty.

To start creating a new invoice number click the button. A new screen will open where you can define the invoice number format.

The invoice number must be linked to a Customer Cluster - this allows you to specify unique invoice number formats for different customer groups. (If only one invoice number format is needed, use the "All Customers" cluster. The invoice number format is where you specify the form of the invoice number using a number of variables. The following variables can be used:

Variable Description
Literal Text Literal text will be rendered inline as literal text.
%%CUSTCODE%% This will be replaced by the customer code of the invoice.
%%AUTO(arg)%% This will generate a unique number, replace arg with a number that indicates how many numbers should be generated.
%%INVSTART(arg)%% Will be replaced by the billing period start date on the invoice.
%%INVEND(arg)%% Will be replaced by the billing period end date on the invoice

Example of a invoice number format: CB_NL%%INVSTART(yyyyMM)%%-%%AUTO(4)%%ISP

This will generate invoice numbers of the following form: CB_NL201503-1123ISP

​When you have filled in both the Customer Cluster field and the invoice number format field, click the button to apply your changes.