This object represents a header that contains information about an invoice.

For an example, see: GetInvoiceDetails


An InvoiceHeader object has the following properties:

Name Type Description
BillingPeriodEnd String The end date of the billing period for this invoice
BillingPeriodStart String The start date of the billing period for this invoice
CustomerClusterId String The Id of the customer cluster, for the customer, that the invoice is assigned to.
CustomerCode String The customerCode of the customer this invoice is for
CustomerId String The customerId of the customer this invoice is for
Id String

The unique identifier of the invoice

InvoiceDate String The date this invoice was created
InvoiceNumber String This property is only applicable if the invoice is in an approved status, NULL otherwise.
InvoiceStatus String

The invoice status.

For a list of invoice statuses, see: InvoiceStatusEnum

LastCalculatedCostTotal String The total cost on this invoice
LastCalculatedTotal String The total value on this invoice
LastCalculationFinishDate String The last time this invoice was calculated
LastInvoiceRunDate String The date the invoice was last updated