This object represents a Customer in the API context.

For general information about customers in the CloudBilling context, see Customers Overview.


A Customer has the following properties:

Name Type Description
Addresses List of Address A list of addresses for the customer
BillFromDate String The date from which this customer should be billed. If not specified, the createdDate is used
CreatedDate String The date this customer was created. If not specified, the current date at the time of creation is used
CustomerCode String A unique external identifier for this customer that is used to associated Purchases with this customer.
CustomerName String The name of the customer
DateValues List of Date NameValuePairs A list of date name-value pair metadata
EmailAddresses List of EmailAddress A list of email addresses associated with the customer
ImportTagName String The name of the Customer Cluster this customer should be assigned to
InvoicePeriodAlignToUOM Boolean Whether or not to align the period to the Unit Of Measurement. When set to true and the InvoicePeriodUOM is set to, e.g., Month, the invoice period will start when the month starts. If set to false, the first invoice will start at either BillFromDate or CreatedDate (depending on which was specified) and will end exactly InvoicePeriodSize InvoicePeriodUOMs later
InvoicePeriodSize Integer The number of InvoicePeriodUOMs each invoice period will last
InvoicePeriodUOM String The Unit Of Measurement for the length of the invoice period. Can be one of, Day, Month, or Year
InvoiceSeparatelyPerPeriod Boolean Whether to invoice recurring purchases separately per period or all together in advance. Default is true.
IsBillingSuspended Boolean Whether billing is suspended for this customer. If this is true, no billing will occur for this customer.
LCID Integer

The locale identifier that indicates the locale for the customer, e.g. 1033 for English.

For a complete list of locale identifiers, see:

NumericValues List of Numeric NameValuePairs A list of numeric name-value pair metadata
StringValues List of String NameValuePairs A list of string name-value pair metadata
TimezoneId String

The timezone Identifier.

For a list of options see:

Note: Always use the name specified in the list, e.g., W. Europe Standard Time.