Bundle info is an optional part of an uploaded Purchase

When included as part of an upload purchase, this will generate Customer Bundle internally, which is known as a "bundle purchase".


A BundleInfo object has the following properties:

Name Type Description
AlignPeriodToUOM Boolean

Whether or not to align the bundle period to the Unit Of Measurement (UOM).


If the UOM indicates monthly, a true value would result in the bundle starting at the beginning of the month.

Alternatively, a false value would result in the bundle starting on the purchase date as indicated on the Purchase.

BundleGroupName String If included, the bundle group name will indicate the group name and also implicitly whether it is a group bundle.
BundleTypeKey String The key that refers to the Bundle Type of this bundle
ProRataApplyToSize Boolean

Whether or not to apply pro-rata to the size.


If the purchaseDate is around the middle of a month, a true value would result in the size of the bundle for that period to be around half the size of what would normally be expected.

ProRataSizeRounding String How to round the pro-rata size. Whether to round, Up, Down, None (towards the nearest integer), or Off (don't round at all).
RolloverPeriodsLimit Integer The number of periods unused bundle allotment should roll over
RolloverTotalSizeLimit Double The maximum accumulated unused amount that can roll over
Size Double The size of the bundle